Madara Time Miracle Ultimate Facelift Day Cream

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Your daily facelift, delivering instant and long-term lifting, tightening and smoothing effects. Intended for sagging skin that has lost firmness. Supercharged with MÁDARA’s proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX, rejuvenating Northern Birch juice, wrinkle-filling hyaluronic acid and light-reflecting particles to soften imperfections.
Unique formula based on rejuvenating Northern Birch juice with 0% added water. Features MÁDARA’s proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX. Natural and OrganicNatural & Organic
-Cruelty Free
INSTANTLY: Fewer imperfections, less visible lines, smoother skin (*1 & *6 )
5 min: Immediate tightening effect on the collagen fibre network (*2 & *4 )
15 min: Liftted skin, less visible lines and wrinkles (*3 )
1 hr: Reduced wrinkle depth. Proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 26% within 1 hr (*4 )
2 weeks: Renewd skin. Increases dermal skin cell regeneration by 25% (*5 )
*1 - Soft focus agent data *2 - Seafill in vitro test *3 - Seafill clinical test, 17 volunteers age 50 to 65. Analysis of wrinkle depth using fringe projection. *4 - Liftessence In vivo print analysis by profile measurements *5 - In vitro test birch juice *6 - Consumer report of 35 women, age 30 to 70, 4 weeks


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Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Cream Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Cream
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