Lyonsleaf Calendula & Marshmallow Balm

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Lyonsleaf Calendula & Marshmallow Balm is made with pure plant oils, beeswax, home grown herbs and nothing else.
Key ingredients: Calendula, Marshmallow Root, Babassu Oil, Borage Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil and Beeswax. 95% organic/wild harvest
  •     Repairs and hydrates very dry, cracked or irritated skin and hands damaged by water.
  •     Softens heels, elbows, rough working hands, gardeners hands and hard skin on feet
  •     Non comedogenic, gentle enough to soften and hydrate facial skin and repair chapped lips
  •     Improves sore nipples when nursing (no need to wash off before feeding baby)
  •     Improves skins elasticity. Use during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
  •     Unfragranced, suitable for new born babies and those with very sensitive skin.
  •     Insect bites, nettle rash,
  •     Skin post chemotherapy and radiotherapy