Baytree Boutique


Baytree Boutique was founded by Liz, a former Environment Manager, who changed her job to live a simpler, more creative life.  Baytree Boutique has given Liz a chance to run her own business "with a sustainable thread". 

Everything is made by Liz herself in her craft space and it is ensured that waste is minimal.  Remnants of fabrics and other materials, as well as offcuts, are used to make beautifully crafted pouches, clutches and purses.  Liz even reuses packaging for post and really tries to emphasise through her style of work that it's possible to create beautiful pieces with minimal impact and without applying unnecessary demand on resources.

Each Baytree Boutique item is unique.  No two items are the same.  Each item is fresh looking.  Try cosmetic bags made from bolt end remnants of fabric or clutches made from up-cycled denim. 

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