Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer

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Lyonsleaf Mane Tamer is a calendula infused almond oil and apricot kernel oil.  The blend is easily absorbed into hair and deeply moisturises.  Shea butter and a small amount of beeswax add shine to frizzy hair and tames flyways when used on dreadlocks.
  • Rosemary essential oil - stimulates follicles so hair can grow longer and stronger
  • Geranium essential oil - balances sebum and maintains a correct balance of natural oil in the hair
  • Shea butter and natural oils - rich in fatty acids full of vitamins
  • Tame frizzy hair
  • Natural hair wax for frizzy or very dry hair, unruly curls or afro hair
  • Deep conditioner to improve split ends and dry damaged hair



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Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm
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