Hairy Jayne - Mixed Brand

Hairy Jayne (Mixed Brand)

Hairy Jayne has a talent and blends beautiful hair products in Brixton, South London. Jayne is also a hairdresser and understands and cares for hair through her handmade range.  Her studio in Brixton is a place of creativity and innovation.  Hairy Jayne started with a bottle of argan oil in Morocco and has resulted in the creation of a very personal brand.
Let Hairy Jayne help you get the best out of your hair with her sulphate and paraben free range.  au sujet de Vert recommends Hairy Jayne Pre-Shampoo Oil.  Now available at au sujet de Vert, London W1. Hairy Jayne is one of our 'mixed brands' as some products contain some synthetic ingredients.